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L J Oakes

L J Oakes
Wildlife and Nature Artist

I began painting in 2007 I am a self taught artist. I have mainly focused on realistic nature and wildlife images. Most of my paintings have been created using acrylics, some embellished with oils and other materials to provide texture and depth, on canvas and wood. Over the years I have become interested in photography as well and now have combined the two, creating mixed media pieces. I hope to continue capturing God’s awesome creation through photography and painting as long as possible. Hopefully some of my art will bring you the sense of joy that I experience in creating them.

Augusta Oak

Pacific Loons

Pelican Fly By

Juniper Pines

Aspen Stand

Aspen Outcrop

Adobe Falls


Evening Aspen

Golfers Lament

Baja Beach

Snowy Owl
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