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Green Flash of the Sun

Green flash of the sun?
Urban legend or myth? A green flash of the sun is a real phenomena and you have a chance of seeing one if you know when and where to look for it. To see one, you have to be higher than the horizon. That is why so many green flashes are seen when looking out over the ocean.  A green flash can be observed when air clarity conditions are “just right” and the observer is in the right place to view it. The weather conditions during a “Santa Ana” (warm dry air blowing out to sea) are ideal.  A small amount of haze helps to cut down on the brightness of the sun and lets your eye see the green spectrum just as the last fragment of the sun is setting. Use averted vision until the last possible moment. Avoid looking directly at the sun. It can permanently damage your visiion.
When a green flash does occur, it usually only lasts for a second or two. A small green ellipse appears just as the last sliver of the sun slips below the horizon. On days with stable air with inversion layers, several green flashes are possible as segments of the sun pinch off and disappear.
This gallery features actual photographs of the green flash, by green flash photographer Oscar G. Medina and artistic renderings of the green flash by San Diego artist Tina Christiansen.

Green Flash 3
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