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Crystal Wright


Crystal Wright - Plaster Mosaics Impressionistic artist  
Crystal Wright
Plaster Mosaics Impressionism

The natural world has always been a fascination of Crystal’s. Her work is her interpretation of any part of this universe we live in. Ocean life and outer space are her favorite subject mater as she finds the real things quite captivating. Anything in nature, however, Crystal finds a compelling and engaging challenge to recreate.

She began developing the idea for plaster mosaics in 1999. She had ventured into the world of mosaics before and used plaster in this fashion for a college art class. Crystal decided to put the two together to construct something never seen before. She began creating pictures by stacking pieces of painted plaster. Each piece of plaster is idividually dripped, painted, and placed by hand to produce these original creations.

Watering Hole


Spiral Galaxy

Golden Sunset

Neon Sunset

Alien Moon
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